The New Boss of 'Cross

2017 Cannondale SuperX 105 from only $3999

The New Boss of 'Cross - With its unique Ai and OutFront features, the all-new SuperX is built for one thing - to win on todays 'cross courses. Unmatched traction, huge mud clearance, and confidently stable "stick-any-line" handling in an ultralight, bump-smoothing, explosive-sprinting package that lets you go full gas from the gun!

Insane Traction - Without Compromise

Proprietary Ai offset drivetrain delivers super short chainstays for climb-winning traction and agile handling, with huge clearance for tires and mud.


"Best of Both" Handling

OutFront steering geometry offers stability for technical descents but maintains agility everywhere else. Just what you need for today's 'cross courses.

Feather Light. Ultra Stiff

BallisTec Carbon Construction, System Integrated cranksets, and Ai even-dish rear wheels deliver chart topping stiffness and incredibly light weight. Wicked to sprint, easy to shoulder.

Massive Clearance

The clearance offered by the Ai rear end means you can run up to 40c tires, and pit less than the other guys in muddy conditions.

Smooth as a Belgian Beer

Redesigned SPEED SAVE features in the rear triangle and fork lets you track through the rough stuff and keep the power down on climbs.

If Cross is your thing Cannondale has you covered no mater what your budget, alloy CaadX has landed too starting from $1599 so come into the store and check them out for yourself.

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