Bicycle Express, Adelaide's premier bike shop led by our Workshop Manager Todd Folland. 

The team here at BE carry out all types of bicycle service and repairs with the highest quality of workmanship available. Customers can expect fast and efficient service with a same day option for servicing. Our huge workshop features four state-of-the-art bays staffed by our expert, friendly bike technicians.

The Crew

  • Matt Taylor

    Workshop - City

    Top bloke!

  • Cameron Brewerton

    Workshop - Norwood

    I'll tune your single speed

  • Anthony Bogiatzis

    Workshop - City

    Roadie specialist and bike builder extraordinaire!

  • Michael Devitt

    Workshop - City

    This lad knows how to ask a question or two

  • Bernie Hart

    Workshop - City

    Need a bike built? Bernie is on it!

  • Justin Young

    Workshop - City

    Wizard with all things mechanical, one of our best!

  • Howard Clarke

    Chief Mechanic - Norwood

    Mr Fix it, don't question it!

  • Todd Folland

    Chief Mechanic - City

    Living the dream on all things bikes

Basic Service

  • Gear Tune
  • Brake adjustment
  • True & Tension Wheels
  • Check bolt tension
  • Lubricate Chain
  • Wipe down frame
  • General safety check & inspection of bike

Recommended every 3 - 6 mths


Major Service

  • Gear Tune
  • Brake adjustment
  • True & tension wheels
  • Bearing check & adjustment: hubs, headset & bottom bracket
  • Fully degrease drive train: chain, chain rings & cassette
  • Lubricate chain
  • Check bolt tension
  • Wipe down frame
  • Intensive frame & component inspection
Recommended every 6 - 9 mths

Speciality Services

  1. Suspension fork service – from $100
  2. Suspension rear shock service - From $60
  3. Disc Brake bleed (per end) - From $35
  4. Wheel True – From $25
  5. Wheel Building (Custom) - From $80
  6. Drivetrain Clean inc gear tune – From $80
  7. Boxing & Unpacking Bikes - From $60

Ultimate Service

  • Full strip down & Rebuild
  • Includes Major Service
      Plus - Removal of all components for
  • Cleaning
  • De-greasing
  • Lubrication of all moving parts
  • Thorough frame & fork clean
  • re installation of all components

Complete bike overhaul

Recommended every 12-18 months


Maintenance Tips

#4 Fox Service Requirements

To extend the service life of your FOX fork or shock, the best product maintenance plan you can follow is cleaning the product exterior after each and every ride or race. Use mild soapy water, a very light pressure water spray to rinse, and wipe dry with a clean, dry cloth.

CAUTION:  Do not use any solvents or de-greasers, as these products can damage the shock's exterior finish or its anodized parts.

Do not spray water directly on the seal/upper tube junction. Never use a high pressure washer on your FOX fork or rear shock.

When dirt dries onto the fork upper tube or shock body, it will chafe and damage the wiper seal. With a damaged seal, dirt works its way into the fork or shock. Simple, periodic maintenance can greatly extend the service life of your FOX fork or shock.

Tip:  If you tend to ride in extreme conditions frequently (dry and dusty, wet and muddy, downhill racing, winter riding, etc.), correspondingly the service procedure items should be done more frequently.

Rear shock service procedure item

  • set sag - @ New
  • set damping adjustments - @ New
  • clean shock exterior with mild soap and water only; wipe dry with soft towel - Each ride/race
  • air sleeve maintenance (FLOAT & DHX Air shocks) - every 30 hour
  • clean and inspect bushings & reducers - every 30 hours
  • suspension fluid service (must be performed by FOX Racing Shox or Authorized Service Center) - every 100 hours

Air Spring Forks (All 32, 36: F-SERIES, FLOAT & TALAS) service procedure item

  • set sag - @ New
  • set damping adjustments - @ New
  • clean exterior of fork with mild soap and water only; wipe dry with soft towel - each ride/race
  • inspect dropout thickness (9 mm) - every 30 hours
  • inspect bushings - every 30 hours
  • change oil in lower legs - every 30 hours
  • change FLOAT fluid in air chamber - every 30 hours
  • service damper: 32 FIT, 36 FIT, Terralogic® - every 100 hours or annually
  • service air spring: 32 TALAS; 36 TALAS - every 100 hours or annually

#3 Suspension Tuning Tips

Note: Unless noted otherwise these tuning tips apply to both forks and rear shocks.

Symptoms: Not using full travel, feels harsh, poor traction while making turns

  • Causes: Overly stiff spring or compression damping
  • Solutions: Lower air pressure or softer coil springs; reduce compression damping

Symptoms: Bottoms out, soft throughout travel

  • Causes: Spring rate too low throughout travel or too little compression damping
  • Solutions: More air pressure or stiffer coils springs; increase compression damping

Symptoms: Harsh over large bumps, but good over small ones

  • Causes: Compression damping too high
  • Solutions: Reduce compression damping

Symptoms: Excessive sag, feels soft initially but does not bottom out

  • Causes: Initial spring rate or preload too low
  • Solutions: Increase air pressure or spring preload

Symptoms: Harsh over small bumps but uses full travel

  • Causes: Initial spring rate or preload too high, or too much compression damping
  • Solutions: Lower air pressure or install softer springs; reduce compression damping; reduce spring preload

Takes first bump in a series well but harsh over later bumps, poor traction in washboard corners

  • Causes: Too much rebound damping
  • Solutions: Reduce rebound damping

Springs back too quickly after bumps, poor traction in bumpy corners

  • Causes: Not enough rebound damping
  • Solutions: Increase rebound damping

#2 Fixing Punctures

Fixing a puncture is one of those annoying jobs you have to do as a cyclist, but it doesn't have to be hard.  A couple of easy pointers and you will back and rolling before you know it.

  • Where to Start, needless to say you will have to check where the puncher is on the tyre and if you can even fix it.  Providing it's a little cut or thorn your in luck. 
  • Remove the wheel from the bike and start removing one side of the tyre using tyre levers if required.   To make it easer make sure your tyre is completely flat and the beed of the tyre is in the centre of the rim.  If using tyre levers Insert your first tyre lever on the opposite side of the wheel to your valve. This will give you the most slack and make inserting the tyre lever much easier. Hook the lever around the spoke to keep it in place and free up your hands.

 Insert the second lever no more than a spoke length away from the first and repeat with the third if necessary. Once you have enough slack, run the tyre lever around the tyre until you have one side of the tyre out of the rim.
  • Check your tyre carefully for what ever caused your flat and remove from tyre.  If you can't find anything in your tyre inflate your old tube and check where it is leaking.  If its leaking from the inside of the rim you may have to replace you rim tape.
  • Put just enough air in the new tube to give it some shape before putting it inside the tyre.  Once you have inserted the new tube, you can let some air out again. This will make easier to put the tyre back on.
  • Position the tyre back on the rim making sure the valve is straight and work your way from the valve hole to the opposing side.  As you get close to getting the tyre back on it gets tight so time to get out the tyre levers again.  At this stage it is easy to pinch the tube so carefully lever the tyre on making sure your levers aren't in contact with the tube.  
  • Last step,  If you have a CO2 inflater let it work its magic or if you don't start pumping. General guide for tyre pressure is run whats recommended on the side wall of your tyre
Your done

#1 Cleaning

Cleaning your bike is one of the most simplest jobs you can do.  All you need is a bucket, warm soapy water, soft brush and a cloth.

Citrus cleaners are a good choice to help the environment too. 

  • Using a stand (if you have one) hold the bike up, wash down with soapy water remembering not to spray directly at your bearings ie. hubs, bottom bracket etc.
  • Brush clean the chain and cassette.  Once clean wash off detergent with water and dry thoroughly. 
  • At this point it gives you a good opportunity to inspect for damage & cracks, last but not least remember to lube your chain lightly.

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